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    Boat trip Experience

    Prices from 87,50€ per person, in double room.

Boat trip 

Embark with us on a unique adventure that is the magic of discovering the Montargil dam through a boat trip, which reflects all the beauty of the region, in a moment of tranquillity that promises to be unforgettable. Rest in the comfort of our estate and enjoy a special breakfast the next morning.

Special offer and reservations conditions

The programme includes:
• Breakfast;
• Accommodation;
• Boat trip.

• Available for all typologies and systems;
• Mandatory minimum stay of 2 nights;
• Has a 7-day release;
• Includes a 30-minute boat trip (60.00€, maximum of 6 people; from the 7th person onwards there is an additional cost of 10.00€ per person, up to a maximum of 9 people);
• Extra cost per reservation of 60,00€;
• Prices from 87,50€ per person in a standard double room (non-refundable fee).
• Extras available for flexible and non-refundable fees by applying the reservation and cancellation conditions in the terms and conditions.

For more information and reservations, contact us.
+351 915 347 236

For more informations, please contact us.
+351 915 347 236