Montargil Monte Novo Restaurant

The restaurant serves a magnificent daily breakfast prepared with the care of breakfasts from yesteryear, taking us down memory lane, remembering great meals at our grandparents’ table.

You can enjoy the best of Alentejo’s cuisine, reimagined by our expert Chef, who manages to breathe new life into classic Alentejo delicacies, never forgetting its essential traditions and aromas. You can calmly select what you’d like to try and taste, even pairing your meal with one of our cellar’s stellar wines!

In case you’re feeling peckish in the middle of the day, Monte Novo has a tasty variety of snacks on offer!

Also worthy of mention is Monte Novo’s farm-to-table aspect! Many of the herbs, vegetables and fruits we use are grown in our vegetable garden and orchard, providing our guests with only the very best that nature has to offer.