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Montargil: a paradise for digital nomads

Portugal is one of the top ten countries in Europe for digital nomads to settle, and Alentejo is increasingly becoming an option for these remote workers, whose profile is very easy to draw: people who need to have a good internet connection to work, and a dream place to enjoy the tranquillity and freedom when they are offline.

Although they can settle anywhere in the world, in stays ranging from a month to a year, digital nomads are also looking for warmer destinations, quiet, safe places and with good services, everything that Portugal in general, and Alentejo in particular, can offer.

Lisbon, for example, once led the preference ranking for those who choose to work from Portugal to the world, but the high cost of living in the capital has led to a decrease in demand, which represents an opportunity for tourism in the Alentejo region, where in certain places, such as Coruche, informational debates dedicated to digital nomads communities have already been organised, as a way to promote the analysis of the advantages of working remotely from the Alentejo.

In addition to the idyllic landscapes, the dam, the water sports and the fantastic temperatures all year round, Alentejo is also a reference in terms of gastronomy.

Estrada Nacional 2 (N2) Route

With digital nomads in mind, the Montargil Monte Novo, just an hour and a half from Lisbon, ensures that the conditions it offers will not disappoint.

Located in the Rota da Estrada Nacional 2 (N2) Route, the most famous National Road in the country, the Montargil Monte Novo promises a comfortable stay and all the necessary accommodations to work, starting with the increasingly faster and better internet network, as well as a peaceful environment, right next to nature.

With access to a private pool if you choose a villa, or access to the infinity pool, if you stay in one of the rooms in the main accommodation building, you will always have at your disposal the bar and restaurant with dishes prepared on the spot by chef Miguel Varela, so you can enjoy the Alentejo flavours without leaving the property.

There are also several water sports that you can choose to do or simply enjoy the panoramic view over the reservoir of the Montargil Dam, still a secret paradise for many.

If you are thinking of spending a few days in Alentejo, either to work remotely or to rest, benefit from of our conditions and special offers for extended stays. 

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